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Welcome to S.M.A.R.T. Nutrition. What we offer is something called Nutrition Coaching, done by a qualified nutritionist. We could have called it nutrition counseling, nutrition guidance, nutrition consulting, nutrition planning, or nutrition solutions, but we picked nutrition coaching. Why is that?

When you think about a coach, you think of someone who offers their expertise, but still allows you to play the game your own way. They teach you what they know, provide motivation, and accountability. That way, when you’re mid-game, you can make a split-second decision for yourself while keeping your coaching in mind and drawing on your knowledge & experience.

That’s what nutrition coaching is. It’s the nutritionist’s job to offer their expertise, motivation, and accountability, so the client (that’s you!) can make nutrition decisions drawing on the things your nutrition coach has taught you, and knowing you have support out there if you need it.

Happy eating, my friends!

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