About Amy Ashinghurst, Clinical Nutritionist
M.S. Nutrition & Integrative Health

I began my nutrition journey by making small swaps in my diet. Changing out milk chocolate for dark chocolate, changing out conventional produce for organic produce, and changing out milk for coconut milk, for examples. Over the course of time, I have made a series of small changes that have improved my life drastically over the last ten years. I found that if I changed the kind of foods I eat, I could have more energy, fewer mood swings, less acne, and sleep MUCH better. I base part of my work as a nutritionist off of this principle of small changes adding up to big results.

After being diagnosed with a gut condition called SIBO (small intestinal bacterial overgrowth), I had to make even more dietary changes. After the condition improved, I became aware of the principle of Food As Medicine. It can heal you. It was this experience with the healing powers of food that made me want to embarked on a journey to educate myself, and am now excited to be able to help educate others! My graduate degree provided me with an opportunity to learn about my special interests in an educational environment that aligned with my personal beliefs that all healthcare should be evidenced-based, whole-person focused, and relationship-centered.

When working with clients, I focus on the whole body when recommending nutrition and lifestyle changes to improve the health & happiness of my clients. This means that while I focus on dietary changes, I also like to explore other aspects of health such as stress, sleep, and physical activity. Every person is beautifully different, which means that the same advice won't work for everybody. It's my job to get to know you, and individualize a nutrition & lifestyle plan for you.