Welcome to SMART Nutrition, LLC. Amy Ashinghurst here, owner and clinical nutritionist!

Nutrition is my passion and has made a huge difference in my own life, so I love passing that on to others! (click here to learn more about me). By working one-on-one I aim to walk side-by-side with you as you reach towards your health goals! I try to give clients the tools necessary to continue their health journey long after our time together is done. By getting to know you, I'll be able to offer unique insights into your health status and nutritional needs.

Think of this analogy: If a boat changes its course by just one degree, it will arrive at a vastly different place than its original destination. If you're not happy with your current destination, S.M.A.R.T. Nutrition can help you make that initial change of one degree, and teach you how to stay on that course to your ultimate destination of health & wellness. Now we're all busy these days, so I've made it especially easy for you to get the nutrition advice and accountability that you need by offering virtual nutrition sessions! Yes, you can now have your nutrition coaching done on-the-go via the phone or video conferencing!

We'll work TOGETHER to make a personalized nutrition plan that will help you achieve your goals the S.M.A.R.T. way. This means that your goals will be:

You'll be given the tools to continue on with your positive results. You'll better quickly after making a few small changes, but your growth will continue so that you'll feel even better in a decade!









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